1.  Spared 2.  Shepherd and Bishop
3.  One Thing I Have 4.  I Must Tell Jesus
5.  Leave It There 6.  Mary Had A Little Lamb
7.  Humpty Dumpty 8.  Foot of the Cross



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Gospel Music

All I Ever Want To Do Nothing But The Blood O Come Lord Jesus Spared Leave It There
Made Our Love Brand New Oh, The Blood I Will Cling To You Give Mama Her Flowers Now The Simplest Thought
Rejoice There Is A Fountain You Are Worthy Count Your Blessings Mary Had A Little Lamb
There Is A Man Fall Fresh On Me Blessed Hope Hear That Trumpet Humpty Dumpty
Jesus Is I Will Trust In The Lord Jeremiah 33:3 Oasis Foot of the Cross
Give Mama Her Flowers Now Trust And Obey Shepherd And Bishop Spared  
I'm So Much Better I Choose You Again I Must Tell Jesus Shepherd and Bishop  
The Victor's Song Hear My Cry Leave It There One Thing I Have  
Since I Met You Great Is Thy Faithfulness Foot of the Cross I Must Tell Jesus  

Jazz Music

Straighten Up And Fly Right Darling JeVous Aime Beaucoup Walking My Baby Back Home My Favorite Things
Moody's Mood For Love Someday We'll All Be Free A Song For You More Than You'll Ever Know
Love Dance Star Of A Story Distracted Alonzo
After All Superwomen Part I & II Ribbon In The Sky Rocket Love

A Song For You


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Classic Jazz and R&B

New Release

Classic Jazz and R&B

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The graduating Sixth Grade class at Shadd Elementary School in Washington, D.C. made its way to the stage and began to sing,"Wade in the Water." Suddenly, a voice boomed out from among the students, "See that host all dressed in white." The audience began to stir in their seats, with puzzled expressions on their faces that ask, "Where is that voice coming from?" That solo voice belonged to eleven year old Gregory Henneghan. Since that day Greg Henneghan has overwhelmed audiences throughout the United States, Canada, England, and Scotland.

During his teenage years, he was featured in numerous performances throughout the D. C. area such as,"Happy Birthday Black America," at the Ford Theatre, lead vocalist and vocal arranger for Tommy Bryant's, "Giants of Sound," soloist with the D.C. Community Orchestra, the McLean Symphony, Lex Luthor in the musical, "Santa and the Super Heroes," and Grand finalist in the Washington, D.C. Talent Search. Under the guidance and tutelage of such greats as Donny Hathaway and Van McCoy, Greg made the decision to pursue his life's dream of a career in music.

Perhaps his greatest influence came from R & B Artist, Angela Wimbush.  During a brief stint as a student teacher at H. D. Woodson High School in Washington, D.C., Wimbush tutored a young Greg Henneghan in music theory and education. It was an experience he never forgot. Henneghan recounts, "Whenever she saw young people who were gifted, she would encourage them to develop their gifts to the fullest potential. She made a point of identifying her students' strong points. Early in my career, she recognized that my strong suit was picking up melodies, writing lyrics, and turning them into songs."    (((continue)))






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